Interims Management

Interims Management

Your Challenges

Lack of management skills in-house, poor execution, or niche expertise is needed

The process of M&A activity can not only put stress and additional workload strain on existing Managers, but often the skills are needed to manage a smooth integration

What we offer

Our Interim Managers give organisations the management and industry experience they need in key roles, at the time they need it. You are gaining the business insight and professional expertise that comes from people who have already worked at the top of leading organisations

Our Interim Managers are all vastly experienced in their functional roles and sectors. Within a few weeks they are clear about their objective, have their teams on-side, have taken full accountability for their work are delivering results

Your benefits

The financial benefits of an interim manager are often gauged solely in terms of the recruitment process: there is no search fee, a simple daily rate, no addition to the fixed payroll and no termination costs

As well as providing immediate access to experienced senior management resources, interim managers repeatedly deliver added value through successful projects, performance improvements or increased market capitalisation

No great manager or leader ever fell
from heaven, its learned - not inherited

(Tom Northup)